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Have you or a loved one suffered an injury on the job.

Robert L. Spadaccini is here to assist you in claim processing and acquiring the aid that you deserve for your workers compensation case. We invite you to call us today for a free consultation. Start securing your future and getting back on your feet without having to take any money out of pocket.The firm is a full Service claim processing service for personal injury and workers compensation. Our offices are centrally located in Suffolk County NY. Our clients originate from areas such as Suffolk & Nassau County, as well as Manhattan and the 5 Borroughs!

Work related injuries occur in any regular work place setting and can happen at any given time. Although these injuries are more common in service based industries that have a tendency to be on the more
"RISK" likely side such as (Construction, Demolition, Moving, Hotel, Hospital, Etc.),  even office workers can acquire work related injuries through long term stress and strain (i.e. Carpal tunnel). New York State Law requires employers to pay workers compensation to employees injured or deceased during their course of work. When such a work-related incident or death occurs, it is up to the victim or the health care Proxy to file for workers compensation.

Medical bills, pain,  trauma, and financial worries cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for the victim and their family during such a hard time. Our experienced experts are here to assist you through the process, hassle free and informed. Filing for workers compensation can be burdensome and complicated. If you're unaware of what to do, you may not receive your full compensation. Let us handle that for you, we can help claim the maximum benefits & outcome possible from your work-related injury.

Do You Know There Are Multiple Reasons To File For Workmans Comp  :

• Medical care and related rehabilitation expenses- Doctors’ visits, hospital bills, maintenance medication, physical rehabilitation, psychiatry visits, and anything needed to help you recover from your work injury or any trauma you experienced. It can all be included in your claim. The medical evidence makes it easy to file these claims.

• Income lost from missed work due to the work related injury- Injuries that have stripped any opportunity to work for a living must be covered as part of your compensation.

• Permanent physical disability or disfigurement– if the injury has resulted in you becoming incapacitated in any way, (i.e. wheel chair, losing your hearing, losing some fingers etc.) you can make a significant claim for it.

• Pain and suffering caused by your injury can more than likely entitle you to a big pay out. Pain medication, therapy, the inability to live in the way you use to before, are examples of evidence used to prove your cases.

• Death – in the most unfortunate circumstance, when a work-place accident results in the death of an employee, the family of the deceased can file for compensation for their lost loved one.


We make an ironclad commitment to each client, tackling every injured employee case meticulously and tirelessly. Our goal is to work as hard as we can on your behalf, so you can look forward to physical and financial recovery and get your life back. We also know that New Yorkers are loyal employees who don't want to complain, particularly if they've been working for the same employer for a long while or their boss is a friend or family member. But remember that your employer expects injuries to occur sometimes and wants you to get better, especially if you have a family to support. Workers compensation insurance coverage is part of owning a business and it exists to help people just like you.


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It doesn't matter where you are in your workers comp process-whether you just suffered an on-the-job neck injury yesterday, have been enduring work-related mesothelioma for years or are unsure of how to deal with a denied workers compensation claim. Even if you only suspect your pain or illness is from a job accident, a continuous motion work task or perhaps one of many harmful exposure diseases that workers can get, call


Example Cases

  • Falls from scaffolding, ladders, roofs

  • Broken bones from 'caught-between' hazards

  • Toxic chemical exposure

  • Forklift, bulldozer and crane accidents

  • Excavators and loader backhoes that tip over

  • Severe head injuries from falling objects

  • Hearing Loss

  • Construction site death

  • Fires and explosions

  • Back injury from building collapse

  • Malfunctioning power tool injuries

  • Hoisted loads that break free and fall

  • Faulty rigging, cables or ropes

  • Defective machinery accidents

  • Electrocution accidents

  • Welding burns

  • Vision loss

  • Heavy lifting injuries